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In most of the world, people are so uncomfortable talking about sex simply having discussions about this important subject is progress. A wonderful way to earn a small income and to be part of a practical and proactive conversation about sex and society is to host discussion groups.

Sex Positive Free Speech Discussion Group

Sex Positive Free Speech Discussion Group

A Sex Positive Discussion Group is based on a simple premise; many intelligent people want to talk about sex in a comfortable, safe setting. Especially 'big picture' issues in how sex affects society.

To talk about sexuality in an intellectual way allows people a safe way to communicate that is not too personal or vulnerable.

The opportunity to talk about sex in society in a manner that is respectful yet open is very rare in most cultures. As a result, people are willing to pay a small fee for that opportunity to make connections between the political and personal.

BENEFITS OF Hedo Feminista SapioSexual DISCUSSIONS

- PERSONAL. Seeing how sexuality connects with social, religious, and political problems in the world, creates a greater understanding of living in a healthy sex-positive way. It has been argued that the mind is the largest sexual organ. A sapiosexual is someone who is turned on by intelligence. Having intelligent conversations about sexuality is a safe way to educate and explore sexuality in a manner that is personal but not too personal!

- SOCIAL. Having 'big picture' conversations about sex is a great way to come to terms with one's own personal sexuality. Hosting or being a part of a World Sex Discussion Group is also a wonderful way to talk and socialize about something that is personal and intimate but in a non-threatening way.

- POLITICAL. Politics can be very personal. That is very true when with the effects of politics on sexuality. With greater awareness of the 'big-picture' issues as they relate to sex, people can engage politically on sex-positive platforms or support candidates who do. Many societies in the world threaten sexual rights and freedoms in the name of 'morality'. As the LGBTQ movement has shown, sexuality is a political issue. And rights must be fought for. Education and communication about sexuality is a great first step.

- ECOSEX ENTREPRENEUR. A person(s) who creates a company that works positively with sexuality to address environmental or social issues. Sex is one of the great last untapped bastions for social entrepreneur capitalism. As an eco-sex entrepreneur, politician or activist, a person can address sexual dysfunction in human behavior. We provide research and resources for those who wish to be an EcoSex Entrepreneur.

Sex like food, water, and shelter is a basic need. However, it is not given equal respect as such. Just as a starving person will behave differently than someone who has plenty of food, when people have a lack of fulfilling love and sex in their life they may engage in other types of behavior to compensate.

1) Benefits of Being a Sex & Society Discussion Group Host

  • You may make a tiny income. However, the benefits of being a Sex to Save the World Discussion Host are much more than monetary.
  • Personal Friendships. Aside from stimulating open and practical discussions about sex and society, they can be very personal. For example, as a host, you can develop wonderful friendships with regular participants.
  • You may meet potential investors or partners for a potential EcoSex Entrepreneur project. You might find the sapiosexual love of your life. As long as Consent Culture guidelines are followed, adults meeting and talking intellectually about is a great way to socialize.

2) Create a Safe Container for a Polite Free Speech Discussion Group

"In order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive."
Jordan B. Peterson - An Anecdote to Life

We live in a politically correct world that sometimes stifles honest conversation. And sex is one of the most politically incorrect subjects there is! Any open discussion about sex and society will often bring up issues of race, culture, gender, orientation, and other ‘trigger word’ issues.

We try to create a safe container for participants to feel comfortable enough to communicate freely with differing political views, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations using the Hedonisia Sex-Positive Free Speech Conversation Guidelines.

Let’s talk about the problem - Free Speech Discussions on Sex & Society

We offer content and topic ideas from our Hedo Feminista Essays for free. However, for more extensive ideas, reading material, and research for discussion topics is in the Member's area. Or you can write your own discussion topic. The idea is that you are describing a problem with sex and some aspect of society that would be of interest to people.

5) Royalty-Free EcoSex Entrepreneur Ideas

Any entrepreneur ideas generated by this discussion group are royalty-free for other group participants to use should they decide to turn one into reality. You are of course welcome to give a ‘shout out’ to the group if you succeed.