Islam and Sex

The Way it is: Sexual Heaven in Islam for Men. Sexual Hell on Earth for Women

Most religions have strict restrictions on sex, especially the sexuality of women. When it comes to Islam and sex, extreme double standards often exist. A man is able to enjoy extramarital sex with relatively few consequences, whereas severe consequences exist for Muslim women.

Persian Erotica - Islam and Sex

19th century Islamic Persian Erotica

In most Muslim-majority countries, if a Muslim woman dares to express her sexuality outside of wedlock, penalties are severe. They can include severe beatings, banishment, social ostracism, and even death by family members or religious-backed government officials.

Such severe restrictions on sexuality can take their toll on Muslim men as well. Most young men in Muslim countries live in a constant state of sexual frustration which leaves them very susceptible to the messages of Islamic fundamentalists and preachers who promise them '72 virgins' in exchange for being suicide bomber or martyr. There is a large number of rape and incest cases that go unreported in Muslim countries.

The laws do not protect women, many are forced to endure rape without any real punishment for their abusers. Some are even forced to marry their rapist in order to restore family 'honor'

There is a strong connection between Islamic theory and "honor killings," where family members murder women (at times illegally) for expressing their sexuality or even being raped. As Muslim migration into western countries increases, many Muslim males are increasingly using their religion as a justification for the rape of Western women seen as 'whores.'

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