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The Way it is: Victim-Based or Sex-Positive Feminism

Feminist movements in the United States have focused on fighting for equal political, economic, and social rights. That is very welcome and needed. However, when it comes to sex, the movement has often framed female sexuality in terms of victimhood rather than power.

The Temptation of St. Hilarion by Dominique Louis Papety — France

Empowered French Femme Fatale! Courtesy of WorldArtErotica.com

Though sex-positive feminism has been gaining broader acceptance in some countries in the West, In most of the 'modern world,' there are severe restrictions and punishments for 'wanton' female sexuality.

Women are more harshly judged than men for daring to fully enjoy sexual freedom in ways that are completely acceptable for men.

With this detrimental double standard, American sexual feminism lags behind sexual feminism in places such as Northern Europe. In the Nordic version of feminism and sex, women are much more equal to men.

In the Nordic version of feminism and sex, women are equal to men and are often very sex-positive. They can choose freely to make love out of desire, not out of duty, with much less judgment and 'slut-shaming'.

On an international level, progressive democratic countries tend to have a unique form of gender equality that exists in few other regions of the world.

In places such as South America, Asia, Muslim regions, Africa, and Eastern Europe women are fighting for economic and political rights. And also simply for the right to justice on gender-based violence and reproductive rights.

All of these are very serious issues. As a result, they form the bulk of women's efforts in these conservative male-dominated cultures. There is no such thing as Sex-Positive Feminism as there is in many progressive countries where women have a greater degree of equality.

In countries where a woman does not have to die or be an outcast if she dares to enjoy freedom outside of marriage, there is greater female enjoyment of sexuality. It's that simple. When women have power and control of their lives, they tend to enjoy different sexual experimentation much more.  Sex-positive feminists are exactly that.

Instead of using sex as an issue to divide the genders, a sex-positive feminist sees ways it can bring the genders closer together.

Slutwalk is a great example of sex-positive feminism. Also, the Consent Culture principles being developed in kink and other communities such as Hedonisia Hawaii.

Sex-positive feminism is more inclusive. It is a way to enjoy gender equality and provides and powerful incentive for men to be feminists.

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