Community and Sex

The way it is: Community and Sex – Nuclear Households & Monogamy

Nuclear households and monogamy are the default relationship standard for much of the world. However, this model often leaves many people unhappy and looking for alternatives. When it comes to living in a community and sex, things can be different.

Monogamy and traditional living does have advantages. With the full support of societies and religions around the world, these relationship models offer concrete benefits. However, this type of relationship can also have great costs to society and the environment.

Poly Entrepreneur Activism!

Moving together with shared goals!

A monogamous nuclear household requires many items that are used relatively little.

Compare that to living in a community where resources can be shared.

The way it could be: Life as an Ethical Non-Monogamous Polypreneur Family!

Alternative relationships could be a key to reducing the amount of resources each individual uses.

The nuclear household structure has verged heavily towards living alone or as a couple preferably with children. This leaves us isolated, living without the security of the community and unable to make any large changes in our culture and environment because we are simply trying to make ends meet for ourselves. There’s not enough time, not enough energy.

Polyamorous households and other relationship configurations would give us more adaptability in our efforts to live sustainable lives. By pooling resources and focusing our household labors on self-sufficiency, We can still live comfortable lives, all the more enhanced by communing with our new “family”. But in creating a new family we must learn to look outside of the monogamy box and just see what else is possible.

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