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Cultures around the world consume animal parts for alleged medicinal properties and as an aphrodisiac. This is especially true in China, where it is believed that eating penises of certain animals will improve the virility of the Chinese male.

As China has become increasingly wealthy and powerful, a black market has flourished around the world that sends exotic animal body parts to China. China and sex is an issue that is leading to the endangerment of many animal species across the planet.

Penis Restaurant in Beijing - China and Sex

The Chinese believe eating various animal penis will help their virility!

For example, a tiger penis is viewed by many Chinese men as an ancient, revered aphrodisiac. It is believed to contain magical cures, even leading to a larger penis!

Such beliefs have a great influence on the world when China's increasing wealth gives men there the money to buy ever more exotic animals for their fictitious aphrodisiac properties.

Seal penises are another supposed aphrodisiac affecting the under-reporting of seal hunting. Other affected animals include seahorses, eels, sea cucumbers, and frogs.

Even though the market for aphrodisiacs is largely served by pharmaceutical companies, there is still a high demand for these beautiful and at times endangered animals.

This is also despite the fact that medical studies have shown no difference between men eating these dishes and taking a placebo.

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