Art and Sex

The Way it is: Sexuality and Artistic Expression

Throughout history, people have carved, painted, or drawn images of human sexuality. As long and as much as people have been creating art and sex, there has been an equally strong push to censor them in the name of 'morality.'

Sensual German Erotic Art from the 19th Century

German Erotica from the 19th Century. Courtesy World Art Erotica Museum.

Depending on the person and the perspective, such images are seen as erotic or pornographic. Nevertheless, they can still provide great insight into cultural artistic styles as well as cultural thoughts on sexuality.

The Way it Can Be: We suggest ideas for eco-sex entrepreneurs or discussion group hosts that address this issue of sex and art.

Even if you don't use one of our ideas, we hope to teach you to look at the world as an Hedonista Entrepreneur. With these philosophical tools, you can develop your own sensual business with wonderful pleasurable ways to work with sexuality AND address social issues!

Hedonista Entrepreneur Case History - Art & Sex

World Art Erotica Museum is an example of a social enterprise business that works in the field of human sexuality. World Art Erotica promotes positive cultural and historical images and teachings on the subject of human sexuality.

It was created in response to some of the negativity surrounding sexuality that exists in much of the world.

World Art Erotica rating under Hedonista Entrepreneur Criteria: 

  1. People:  We wanted to have an erotic site that both men AND women could enjoy. It is okay to be a hedonist. It is okay to make love. It is okay to have fun!
  2. Planet: As a virtual museum the carbon footprint of this online museum is almost zero!
  3. Pleasure: Human beings gravitate naturally toward pleasure. We do what feels good and often that is good for us. Evolution suggests that pleasure is intricately involved in our very survival. Otherwise, we would not have such a propensity for pleasure. Some, in the name of religion, to impose guilt and repression on our natural state of being. But nature usually wins out.
  4. Purpose: The purpose of this World Art Erotica is to show that no matter which time or place, people enjoyed and celebrated the art of making love.  There is much hypocrisy in the ways different religions and cultures try to deny it. However, we show in our museum that love is universal.
  5. Profit: World Art Erotica has a membership price that allows complete access. Once somebody pays for their membership we give them an open royalty-free license to download and use any images they wish.

The Way It Can Be: We suggest possible products or services for Ethical Erotic Entrepreneurs that could address issues surrounding art and sex as well as make a profit.

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