Alcohol & Sex

The Effects of Alcohol on Sexuality

With all the distractions in society today, people have been trying to get out of their heads in order to relax to get into the 'bedroom moment'.

Alcohol has been one of the most popular ways in the world for women and men to forget about their everyday worries for a moment and lower their inhibitions.

Alcohol acts as a great permission slip for female sexuality!

Alcohol & Sex

For women, alcohol can act as a 'permission slip' that allows them the freedom to forget the double standard 'morals' that societies all over the world impose on them. A couple of glasses of wine or champagne and many women suddenly have a reason to let go of their libidinous desires.

The problem is that alcohol can turn dangerous very quickly. Drunk men turn violent and aggressive and prey on drunk women who are no longer in control of their facilities.

As a result, alcohol use is a leading factor in cases of rape and sexual assault, both when it is used by men and if it was used by the woman. Alcohol is also the favored medium for secretly placing 'date rape' drugs.

In sum, alcohol can be a wonderful sexual stimulant . . . until it's not. The challenge is to look into this issue to find ways for men and women to relax into their sensuality without losing control of their consent.

Some ways that you can work with sexuality in a business context to offers address some of the issues that come up when sex and alcohol are mixed would be:

  • The burgeoning marijuana business. As we say in Sex & Marijuana, cannabis is a potent aphrodisiac for both genders and with its increasing legalization, offers a fantastic alternative 'permission slip'!
  • Tantric workshops are another way that both genders can relax into sexuality. Combining sexuality with spirituality, as tantric sex practices can do, is an alternative to using alcohol to relax into pleasure.

The Way it Can Be

We look at the various areas of society where sex can a negative impact, such as this section, Sex & Alcohol. We describe the problem and then try to come up with ethical business solutions that address the issue. There is no limit to the number of ethical erotic business ideas you can come up with to address this issue.

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