Talking Sh*t: Humor, Sensitivity, and free speech in the world today

This book was written in response to the current divisive racial and gender politics and its effects on free speech and societal harmony. We have developed a conversational tool called PReP, personal responsibility and personal politeness, that allows people to communicate freely based on personal sensitivity rather than being offended on behalf of a group.

Talking Shit in a Woke World

We also look at different social identity groups from a free speech perspective from my home country of Trinidad where the phrase "shit to sugar" was born. There is a lot of "shit talk" in this book. However, while we look critically at many of the various sensitive groups in modern society, we do so with love.

Free speech is under threat all over the world. Yet we need free speech more than ever so we can look at solutions to the many challenges facing the planet today.

Micro-Aggressions & Trigger Words

When we separate the personal from the ‘tribal’, it becomes easier to have honest conversations. It is humble and polite to say you’re personally offended. It is the height of ego to be offended on behalf of a certain group whether you are from that group or not.

This can be more challenging if you are not from the group being joked about, yet being offended based on your perceived feelings and sensitivities of that group.

An accusation of prejudice is serious. In today's world, it can have social, economic, and even legal consequences.

Implying prejudice when offended is a great censor of free speech. It can also create animosity and opposite outcomes. If a person feels accused of being prejudiced, they might hang out with others who do the same. Right wing populism is growing in US & Europe as a reaction.

JISC: Jokes, Ignorance, Stereotypes, Criticism

  1. Jokes. If a person makes a joke at the expense of another’s demographic it can be deemed as prejudiced but is not necessarily so. (What about if the joke is really funny? 
  2. Ignorance. If a person makes a comment that shows complete ignorance of another’s demographic it can be deemed as prejudiced but is not necessarily so. (You would be surprised at how little people know about each other.
  3. Stereotypes. If a person points out a stereotypical pattern of another’s demographic it can be deemed as prejudiced but is not necessarily so. (And what if a stereotype whether positive or negative, has merit? 
  4. Criticism. If a person criticizes some aspect of another’s demographic it can be deemed as prejudiced but is not necessarily so. (And what if there is some truth to the criticism? 

Negative Intent versus Negative Impact

An important key that defines prejudice is negative intent. Of course, negative intent is hard to prove. However, as we get to know people we can easily ascertain their intent if they continue to make comments that are critical, joking, or show ignorance of a demographic group.

This book is politically incorrect with criticisms and compliments handed out liberally to the various social and cultural identities that make up our world today. However, it is light hearted, and solution oriented.

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