Politics and Sex

HOW IT HAS BEEN: Sexual Hypocrisy in Political Leaders

In the US and many countries, politicians tend to be more conservative than the people they serve. They create, impose and enforce punishments through legislation on behaviors they themselves do not follow.

Whether the issue is homosexuality, abortion, female sexuality or other forms of alternative sexual lifestyles, political leaders around the world have created laws that greatly curtail people's and especially women's rights of sexual expression.


Sex and Politics in Olde England

The political sex scandals that have occurred in the US and elsewhere show these leaders are unable to live up to the moral standards they impose on others.

Donald Trump is the best example of a powerful politician who is also a sexual hypocrite. He is US President and leader of the conservative Republican party which continually pushes for legislation to control gay, female and other sexuality that is not within the confines of marriage.

However, with the allegations of over 19 women of sexual assault or harassment, he is an exemplar of two-faced sexual hypocrisy in a politician.

HOW IT COULD BE: End Sexual Hypocrisy with Alternative Sexuality Candidates!

Having politicians who live sexually different lives than the mainstream tends to increase social acceptance. Many Gay candidates all over the Western world and even one world leader, the prime minister of Iceland is gay.

Honesty can be part of a politician's platform because they have 'nothing to hide'!

There are still areas of sexuality such as polyamory, kink, BDSM, open marriages and so on where there have not been any candidates. We can only imagine the media and political reaction to the first poly or kink candidate!

A benefit from the Trump presidency is that more people with different sexual lifestyles felt comfortable to be politicians and were elected without having to hide their past or their lifestyle.

A true democracy should be lead by people who are from the people. If you are running in politics and you have a non-traditional sexual lifestyle then you can run openly and honestly these days!