Advertising and Sex!

The Way it is: The Abuse of Sexuality in Advertising

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Even though women are growing increasingly powerful as consumers, female sexuality in advertising does not mirror their autonomy and desires. Advertisements aimed at men are overtly sexual. They follow the old adage, sex sells, to reach their audience and sell them products.

This often means displaying young women as one-dimensional sex objects. Or using sexuality to depict unrealistic expectations of sex.

Advertising and Sex

Advertising and Sex

Advertisements aimed at women are never as overtly sexual. They usually encourage passive sexuality instead of depicting strong, powerful women.

The sexual commercialization and objectification of women in advertising stems from the fact that relatively traditional heterosexual males still hold most of the power in the media.

The Way It Can Be: We try to suggest possible products or services for Ethical Erotic Entrepreneurs or Eropreneurs that could address the issue of feminism and sex as well as make a profit such as more female advertisers and workers in the industry to change the standards. This does not mean that sex shouldn't be used in advertising. False advertising is regulated and so should sex advertising that is blatantly false or misleading.

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