20th Century Mojo: World Travel Photo & Sociology History

Photo History of an Ex-Muslim Traveler

Throughout my life of traveling I have dealt with many politically incorrect, prejudiced and socially awkward situations in many cultures. In Japan, it was extremely difficult for me to get a job as an English teacher despite having a work visa. “Mojo-san. So sorry but you cannot teach English because you are Indo-jin, Indian.

In Zimbabwe, I was called “little Indian man” wherever I went. In rural Switzerland, I was told by a very kindly lady whose daughter I was dating, “In Switzerland, we eat at the table but if you want to eat on the floor, that’s okay.”

If I had chosen to be offended in any of those situations, I would not have had many other experiences that ended up happening to me. I had a fantastic time living in Bulawayo with the Matabele people. I loved the older Swiss lady who had hardly ever known a foreigner in her little corner of Switzerland.

With the Japanese experience, I had hair at the time so I got a perm to make me look more Italian than Indian. All the projects in the Hedonisia Activist & EcoFeminist Portfolio are based on a lifetime of immersive travel.

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