Intersecting Identity Play – Adult Communication Workshop

Zoom Meetup Free Speech with Diversity Communication Workshop

We live in a politically correct world that sometimes stifles honest conversation. Sex is one of the most politically incorrect subjects there is. This workshop is for curious or sex-positive adults to learn tools for communication between people of diverse groups.

Intersecting Identity Play is a communication workshop that is designed to be fun, challenging and educational for a Zoom evening of great conversation. As a workshop designed for sex-positive adults, it has slightly more risqué content than our Individual or Business workshops which are completely G-rated.

Many attendees described how refreshed and energized they felt after talking intelligently, openly and passionately without being labeled as prejudiced when they spoke their mind or if they say a ‘trigger’ word.

Intersecting identity Play Sex and Free Speech Communication Workshop

The Hedo Feminista communication guidelines that form the basis of this workshop transcend geographical location. After all, people all over the world, are increasingly sensitive about conversations related to social or ethnic identity.

In our workshops, we have an easy way to keep conversations light and fun while learning about how to deal with being offended. Instead of using examples about the usual indicators of social identity offense, such as gender or race, we use lifestyles to practice being offended with a JISC comment.

      1. Asexual
      2. Kinky
      3. Monogamous
      4. Swingers
      5. Polyamorous
      6. Tantra

Our Diversity & Free Speech Business Communication Workshop is less risqué. For obvious reasons, corporations and organizations may not want workshops with adult content, so our business workshops are adjusted accordingly.

To reach a broader audience, we are keeping our workshop as a Zoom event even after the lifting of the lockdown restrictions. In this way, you can always attend, no matter where you live in the world. Please note that all times listed are Pacific Time, PST.

2022 Upcoming Workshops

Intersecting Identity Play: Diversity & Free Speech (virtual - E1)

Thursday, January 27, 2022

  • Empowered Pleasure Meetup Link: Intersecting Identity Play Communication Workshops are hosted through Empowered Pleasure, a Portland-based organization centered around understanding and exploring all aspects of human sexuality, consent, relationship styles, gender, and orientation. For those who live in the Portland, Oregon area, we recommend joining Empowered Pleasure on Meetup. They host wonderful sex-positive events for adults that range from educational to experiential.
  • Direct Purchase Eventbrite Link. For those who live elsewhere in the world and want to attend our online workshop, you can purchase tickets to the workshop via Eventbrite without having to join Empowered Pleasure. National and international visitors, please note that these Zoom workshops are held in Pacific Standard Time. (PST)
Intersecting Identity Play Sex and Free Speech Workshop

Intersecting Identity Play

Thursday, January 27, 2022 6:30-9pm PST

Diversity, Sex & Free Speech
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