Sex & Law

Changing the System – Know Your Rights and Use Them

Many times it is better to simply stay close to the line of the law and practice your ethical erotic enterprise from there.

Sexuality is one of the most regulated aspects of human behavior across the world.

'Public health and safety' is used as a catch-all phrase by government bureaucrats to stifle innovations in so many areas of life. Laws and legislation that protect Public Health and Safety were designed for very good reasons. For example, nobody wants to work or eat  in an unregulated restaurant where modern standards of hygiene are not followed.

However, as with most well intentioned laws, the government simply goes too far. (any examples of struggles hedonisia had with being an eco-feminist community- implementing eco-femm policies etc??)

In Western governments it is possible to “go through the system” to change the laws and requirements so that a community can legally exist. We strongly recommend that you do go through the system at some point. For if you succeed you will create precedents that allows for other communities to exist in your area.

However, unless you live in a really progressive region with a responsive local government, we recommend you do what you need to do to start your feminist enterprise  and then apply for approval once you have some working models. We call this the Uber model after the driving service that grew from nothing to a $40 billion company by simply setting up shop, making money, and then going through the local regulatory bureaucracy to become ‘legal’. It is a backward approach but in some places such as in Northern Europe and California, government regulations are so intrusive that you will never be able to get your enterprise off the ground at all.

If you have time (and money) then you can start by trying to go through the system and of course that is the ideal approach. However, when you are making a profit from your product or service you can then, often as a tax-deductible expense, work through the system. Just like the oil lobby, the coal lobby, the gun lobby you can be part of a lobby! For example green businesses already have their own lobbies which are growing in clout and influence. (mention feminist lobby group here)