Meetup Discussion Templates

This discussion group template fits into the word count requirements of group listings. Each group has already been held, so you have a working template for each discussion topic.

You will also notice that there are slight changes in the way the Discussion Group is presented. This is something you can do too as you experiment with formats that attract, inform, and engage your meetup members.

Copy and paste the text into your local meetup group and customize it as you wish. This is a google doc which you can make comments on.

We welcome your input to any of the Discussion group templates below:

Discussion Templates with Slideshows.

The slideshows are in PDF form. As a member you are welcome to use the PDF as is or customize it. If you make a new slide show be sure to include the copyright on last page of our parent website:

All Contents © Hedonisia LLC

Each discussion group is slightly different in format. This is because the PRePP approach is so customizable. Each discussion group has a particular focus on one of the four roadblocks to conversation.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow Presentation PDF.
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow Presentation PDF. Discussion Topic: "Racial contributors to the Sexual Revolution."
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow PDF: Discussion Topic: "Ethical Race Play."
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


  1. Sex & Free Speech Meetup Ad.
  2. Slideshow PDF: Discussion Topic: "
  3. Host Discussion Notes.


Suggested Discussion Topics. We discuss a subject that can be triggering or is politically incorrect. Participants then get to practice PRePP with the host if they are offended by any content in the speech. These are some sample topics we might discuss in the future:

  1. Military versus Militant Feminism: Women being strong and sex-positive rather than victimized.
  2. Cougars for World Peace: Consensual Intergenerational Dating
  3. White and African American women and their role in the Sexual Revolution.
  4. Sex Positive Feminism, Political Correctness, and Free Speech.
  5. Sexually Incorrect! Gender Politics, Kink, and non-PC fantasies.
  6. The Problems and Pleasures of International Dating.