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Whether you want to change yourself or the world, join the 'Sex & Society Discussion Group!'

Each discussion will dive into a sexual topic that touches us personally and globally. Our goal is to have an educational and inspirational evening of sex-positive​ discussion!

This is a social meetup. There will be a few minutes before and after so that participants can chat over snacks!



"What’s the difference between sexual harassment and just being an idiot? I understand some sexual harassment.. if a man is your boss and says, “Hey, sleep with me, or you’re fired.” That’s sexual harassment. And that’s the only thing that’s sexual harassment! Everything else falls under “Just trying to get laid.” You can’t put a man in jail for that!"
Chris Rock, Comedian.

Since the beginning of time, many males try to persuade women to sleep with them using almost every trick or ruse imaginable. They show off their money. They buy drinks. They lean in too close. They touch without asking.

The law did change male behavior in the workplace. However, it did not change many underlying male attitudes toward women which are often still quite traditional.

Powerful men like Harvey Weinstein and of course Donald Trump, violate women at work and then pay off victims with confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Poorer macho guys cannot harass at work. However, they simply go home and become trolls harassing women online.

In other words, sexual harassment laws superficially changed male behavior in the workplace but it did not change underlying attitudes held by many men.

The language of sexual harassment laws is gender neutral. However, in most cases, the 'predator. is male. Women are the ‘prey’ needing to be protected by law. In a strange way, 'sexual harassment' institutionalizes the gender inequality.

Companies, due to a fear of lawsuits, will often ban dating between employees.

The sterility of today’s workplace is creating consequences. With 8 hours per day spent working by many adults, work is so all-consuming there is little leisure time. By having to spend the majority of our day being non-sexual, or even flirtatious, we pay a price.

Overly reactive sexual harassment policies have also reinforced the perception of women as fragile beings who need to be protected.

There needs to be legislation that protects workers yet acknowledges that consensual relationships can happen at the workplace.

In a social entrepreneur company, working relationships can be different. When a company is trying to ‘save the world’ employees can get very passionate about the causes they are working on!

People who share the same passions to improve the world might also get passionate with each other! Shared values can be very attractive!

Discussion Sub-Topics

  • How to respond to instances
  • Youth and harassment
  • How to navigate the new protocols as a woke male.
  • Consensual sexual relationships can get you fired at work.
  • How to navigate seniority with relationships at work
  • Where’s the line of accepted touch at work.
  • Using sexual harassment as a tool of intimidation
  • Power abuse

How it could Be: CONSENT CULTURE at WORK!

Though it was born in the Kink and BDSM worlds, consent culture provides practical, ethical and sensible dating guidelines that can be adapted for the workplace.

Consent culture allows for more autonomy for individuals to make their own choice as long as they are able to do so without coercion of any kind.

Eco-Sex Entrepreneur Royalty-Free Idea - Consultancy to implement Consent Culture Guidelines in the Workplace with policies and guidelines for workers who are at the same and different levels of authority.

Consent Culture Case History: Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community


6:00 pm - Arrivals, Social Time and Check-Ins (Lights snacks provided!)
6:30 pm - Start Discussion Group - Intros & Housekeeping
6:4o pm - Conversation Guidelines
6:50 pm - Introduce meetup discussion text.
7:00 pm - Initiate moderated discussion.
8:00 pm - End discussion. Closing circle and social time.
8:30 pm - Cleaning up and closing down the premises.

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We look forward to seeing you at the discussion group!