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Hedo Feminista: Pleasurable Activism Entrepreneur Projects

Using social entrepreneur business principles to 'solve' intractable sexual dysfunctions that affect so many societies in the world is a powerful way to practice sex-positive feminism. It allows a Hedopreneur the opportunity to make a living from creating the change that they want to see in the world.

Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Rainforest Retreat

Mojo was the Community Director from its founding in 2004 to its destruction in the Kilauea volcano eruption in 2018

At our pre-volcano community in Hawaii, we developed  Activist Entrepreneur: Create a business supporting political, social, or environmental goals.

Hedo Feminista was also born in Hawaii. We now offer workshops based on the Hedo Feminista Free Speech Conversation Guidelines to communicate in a fun and positive way between people of different groups and demographics without assigning blame or accusations. 

Reproductive Rights

EcoSensual: Sexy Natural Birth Control for Lovers

Ecosensual Natural Birth Control can help improve a couple's love life by suggesting changes to their sexuality based on the female's natural cycles. Our effort here is to empower women sexually by giving them knowledge. For knowledge is power and when a woman truly knows her fertility it can affect her love choices, her moods, her travel plans, and much more!

For most couples no matter how much they love each other, their sexuality can become rather routine after months or years into the relationship. Dare we say it, sex can even become perfunctory and boring for some! By using the Ecosensual Love Calendar we hope to inspire couples to spice up their love lives. The site is naughty and a little risque. After all, it is about joyful sex and birth control.

Ecosensual.org: One of the major areas where women suffer disadvantages to men throughout the world is in the areas of reproductive rights and sexual double standards. EcoSensual Birth Control is sex-positive birth control for women. 

Despite all the technology we have, there are still no truly safe and eco-friendly birth control methods in the world today. We have created a safe, effective, and sensual natural birth control calendar for those who wish to enjoy sex without unwanted pregnancy.

EcoSensual Birth Control allows women to have a greater knowledge of their fertility cycle in a way that gives females more control of their sexuality and sexual pleasure.

This membership-based site offers a sexy and unique way to use the Standard Days Calendar Method of birth control that allows women to have a more pleasurable love life while using less artificial birth control products.

EcoSensual supports these Hedo Feminista Pillars of Female Empowerment

Ecosensual Natural Birth Control is an example of where we try to establish an economic model that is in alignment with our ideals. In this case, the ideals we are promoting are women's empowerment, reduction of pollution, population control, and improving the love lives of people everywhere.

Social Issues Addressed: healthy sexuality, natural birth control, couples therapy, environmentalism, overpopulation, reproductive rights.

Natural Miscarriage: Reproductive Rights for Women around the WorldNaturalMiscarriage.org: Reproductive rights for women anywhere in the world.Private and effective natural abortion information for women who wish to have the right to reproductive choice and options. We consider reproductive rights as a sensual project because if a woman is not in control of her fertility she is not sexually equal.

Social Issues Addressed:  female empowerment, environmentalism, overpopulation, reproductive rights, female sexuality.

Sex-Positive Consent Culture

Tantric Ganja Consent Culture Elixir BeverageTantricGanja.com: A marijuana CBD elixir with aphrodisiac herbs. A consent culture adult beverage.

A sex-positive marijuana-based aphrodisiac that allows both women and men greater control of their sexuality and consent than alcohol.

Social Issues Addressed: Female sexual empowermentrape reduction.

Sexuality and Artistic Expression

WWorld Art Erotica MuseumorldArtErotica.com: Virtual Museum of Cultural, Historical Erotic Art and Literature from around the World. Throughout history, people have carved, painted, or drawn images of human sexuality. As long and as much as people have been creating art and sex, there has been an equally strong push to censor them in the name of 'morality.'

Depending on the person and the perspective, such images are seen as erotic or pornographic. Nevertheless, they can still provide great insight into cultural artistic styles as well as cultural thoughts on sexuality.

World Art Erotica Museum is a social enterprise business that works in the field of human sexuality. World Art Erotica promotes positive cultural and historical images and teachings on the subject of human sexuality. It was created in response to some of the negativity surrounding sexuality that exists in much of the world.

World Art Erotica rating under Hedonista Entrepreneur Criteria: 

  1. People:  We wanted to have an erotic site that both men AND women could enjoy. It is okay to be a hedonist. It is okay to make love. It is okay to have fun.
  2. Planet: As a virtual museum the carbon footprint of this online museum is almost zero!
  3. Pleasure: Human beings gravitate naturally toward pleasure. We do what feels good and often that is good for us. Evolution suggests that pleasure is intricately involved in our very survival. Otherwise, we would not have such a propensity for pleasure. Some, in the name of religion, to impose guilt and repression on our natural state of being. But nature usually wins out.
  4. Purpose: The purpose of this World Art Erotica is to show that no matter which time or place, people enjoyed and celebrated the art of making love.  There is much hypocrisy in the ways different religions and cultures try to deny it. However, we show in our museum that love is universal.
  5. Profit: World Art Erotica has a membership price that allows complete access. Once somebody pays for their membership we give them an open royalty-free license to download and use any images they wish.
  6. Social Issues Addressed: sexual liberation, multiculturalism, freedom of expression, art therapy, positive cultural or historical sexual teachings.

Economic, Social and Physical Empowerment

Communication workshops, sex positive publications, social entrepreneurshipHedo Feminista Entrepreneur: Learn to create a business to support or advance gender equality through female empowerment rather than victimization. Using sexuality to create ecofeminist companies that address social problems. Sex-positive ideas to help the world.

Social Issues Addressed: Free speech communication with diversity, female equality through economic empowerment, sex-positive feminism.

Hedo Feminista Volunteers