Hedo Feminista FAQ

Questions for aspiring Hedopreneurs

1) I have a ‘normal’ job which gives me stability. However, I want to live according to my ideals. Is this possible?

Most people choose stability in their lives in the form of regular ‘jobs’. They work in the banks, fly airplanes, and drive the buses. However, many do not necessarily want to have ‘just a job’. They want to be creative and artistic; they want to make the world a better place. But they often just don’t know how or don’t feel that they are capable.

A “normal” job that is just that . . . a job. You can love your job and that's fine. The problem is that many people are unsatisfied with their jobs. Unless a really cool career choice has been made with a values-oriented company it is often hard for people to be enthusiastic about their work. A job is what most people do simply to survive on this planet. You work to pay the bills, and if you are a “nice” person you might give some of your hard-earned cash to a charity that represents your values.

Many people will work for years in jobs they dislike and then give money to charity. In other words, their values and work are not in alignment. This is a recipe for long-term personal angst. With this model, every now and then an individual might look in the mirror and ask “Is that all there is? Is this why I was born?”

A social enterprise is a creative solution for the idealists and artists who ‘want to make a difference’.    However, we do not want to change those who like stability and regularity or for whatever reason feel they are not ‘cut out’ to be a business person. If you still want to make a difference then pursue a career that allows for that possibility. An ‘eco-architect’ or a feminist lawyer are professions of idealism. However, a secretary or bank teller can also make a difference by working within the system.

2) What are the Benefits of being a Hedopreneur?

  1. Innate Morality with Social Enterprise: You are doing something good if it really either reduces pain or increases sustainable pleasure in the world.
  2. Nothing to fear: You cannot be blackmailed by dishonest characters when you operate an ethical business enterprise.
  3. Personal Autonomy and the reduction of stress! As a business, you can make decisions. You have a great degree of control. Stress is what happens to people when they don’t feel in control. Entrepreneurship allows you a way around that. We strongly believe that this focus on profit and short-term gain is a result of business school economics.
  4. Holistic Philosophy. Business based on social enterprise is actually more effective because it sees itself as part of an ecosystem. It looks at the bigger picture and sees the connections there are between happy workers, a clean environment, improving the world, and sustainable profits.
  5. The Ethical Eco Business Lobby: With business income, you can now be part of the political lobbying process. No more Big Oil. Instead Big Green.
  6. Workers with a Cause: attracts like-minded volunteers, workers, interns, managers, and friends who are attracted to the social or environmental good that your business project is addressing.
  7. Social Enterprise Business Community: As a result, you have a different way of looking at business because your customers and workers will often share the goals and values of your social enterprise they can often become friends.
  8. Building trust: When your business is based on doing something morally good and with the highest ethical and eco practices that create trust, repeat customers, and references.
  9. Social Activist Business. Some people really want to challenge the system. Some are content taking baby steps.  Even if you do a more activist social enterprise you can confront the system in a relatively sustainable way as long as you are able to maintain your business income.
  10. Benefits of Good Credit Rating.  When you are honest in your accounting and maintain ‘good books’ you enjoy many of the benefits of an excellent credit rating such as much lower interest rates and easier rental options. For Americans you also enjoy generous air miles travel with your business credit card.
  11. Morality with  Taxes. Once you see the benefits and accept the ‘morality’ of paying fair taxes then you pay them. This creates relative ease with dealing with the tax department and entitles you to demand more from the government for your social enterprise as you are a taxpayer.
  12. Ethical Accounting: Of course some business matters have to be private. But as much as possible transparency is good business. When you have honest books it is easier to spot dishonesty among clients, suppliers, or employees.
  13. Moral Business Relations and Customer Service: When you have ethical business practices you are also able to hold other businesses and even the government to those standards. This is especially true when dealing with the Customer Service Departments of business suppliers.
  14. A Good Night’s Sleep. When you make an income from doing good you sleep better at night! It’s that simple.  You are not looking over your shoulder.

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Hedo Feminista Discussion Group FAQ

a) If I learn about an idea for creating an EcoSex business in the discussion group can I use it?

Yes, you can. And you can use it without having to pay any royalty fees. (Though if you make a 'thank you donation' to our group, it would be appreciated 🙂

Royalty-Free Ideas. Many of the discussions will bring up ideas that could form the basis of a new ethical erotic enterprise in which members can start on their own without having to pay any royalty or licensing for using one of our Hedo Entrepreneur solutions.

b) Can I just do my own group for free or do I have to be a Member to host my own Sex to Save the World Discussion Group?

We believe strongly in the basic concept of people having open, honest, polite, and pragmatic conversations about sex and its effects on society. This is why we give a lot of our Adult Education Discussion Topics for free so that anyone can try to host their group.

However, for members, we provide much more detailed info on the various discussion topics plus personalized email and telephone support.

c) What are the benefits of becoming a Discussion Group Host?

  1. Personal. Seeing how sexuality affects social, religious, and political problems in the world, improves our ability to live in a healthy sex-positive way. It has been argued that the mind is the largest sexual organ. A sapiosexual is someone who is turned on by intelligence. Having intelligent conversations about sexuality is a safe way to educate and explore sexuality in a manner that is personal but not too personal.
  2. Social. Having 'big picture' conversations about sex is a great way to come to terms with one's own personal sexuality. Hosting or being a part of a Hedo Feminista Discussion Group is also a wonderful way to talk and socialize about something that is personal and intimate but in a non-threatening way.
  3. Political. Politics can be very personal. That is very true when with the effects of politics on sexuality. With greater awareness of the 'big-picture' issues as they relate to sex, people can engage politically on sex-positive platforms or support candidates who do. Many societies in the world threaten sexual rights and freedoms in the name of 'morality'. As the LGBTQ movement shows, sexuality is a political issue. And rights must be fought for. Education and communication about sexuality is a great first step.
  4. Activist Hedopreneur. Defined as a person(s) who creates a company that works positively with sexuality to address environmental or social issues. Sex is one of the great last untapped bastions for social entrepreneur capitalism. As an eco-sex entrepreneur, politician, or activist, a person can address sexual dysfunction in human behavior. We provide research and resources for those who wish to be an EcoSex Entrepreneur!

We provide free resources on this site because we believe so much in these ideas. However, as a Member, you gain access to much more adult education resources.

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As a Member, you gain access to our books and essays in their manuscript form as we prepare them for publication. Members are invited to be part of the discussions by offering constructive criticism or corrections. If accepted, members can receive credit for their contributions.

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