Hedo Feminista Volunteer Program

EcoFeminism Volunteer or Intern Opportunities

Hedo Feminista Volunteer Work Descriptions & Requirements

Writing & Research. One of the biggest projects volunteer projects is writing and research for the the various books and articles in the Hedonisia Pleasurable Activism Publications.

The other volunteer position is creating videos and graphics for any of the various projects managed by Hedo Feminista.

Volunteers can have ANY of the following skills, interests, or experience:

  1. Education. Minimum one year of college-level study in any of the following subjects: sociology, women's studies, human sexuality, international affairs, psychology, holistic health studies, liberal arts, humanities, environmental studies, communications, or political science.
  2. Online Research. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines). Including writing, footnotes, and bookmarks. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines)
  3. Sex Work. Work experience in a sex-related field may be substituted for formal education. Please specify what related work experience you have.
  4. Alternative Relationship Experience. As part-time residents of Portland, the most sexually progressive city in America, we see more and more people embracing alternative relationships to the traditional norms. Such anecdotal experience is valuable for some of the essays in our ebooks.
  5. Computer Proficiency. Include experience with Google Docs, editing pages in WordPress, Photoshop, web design, graphic design, SEO, or any other related software experience.
  6. Related Work Experience can be substituted for formal education experience. Please specify what related work experience you have. We prefer applicants with skills, interests, and experience relevant to the projects they wish to work on!
  7. Graphic Design. The graphic below was created by Laura, an amazing graphic artist.
  8. Video Editing Skills. We seek volunteers with video editing experience to work on creating videos for the various Hedo Feminista discussion topics.
  9. Certificate of Completion: If the Volunteer is a student, then we can adjust their hours to reflect the requirements of their educational institution.

More details about the Volunteer Writing & Research or Graphic Design Jobs.

Hedo Feminista Discussion Group Volunteer. Due to the fact that our discussion meetings are now held via zoom, you can also apply to be a volunteer at our Diversity and Free Speech Discussion Group and attend for free.