Hedo Feminista Sapiosexual Books

To be a sapiosexual is to be someone who is turned on my intelligence. We have tried to develop practical, sapiosexual solutions in our various projects to very real social and environmental issues.

We try to create books and projects that address serious issues but at the same time are quirky and fun.

Hedo Feminista: Sapiosexual Publications Available to Members

Hedo Feminista SapioSexual Publications

SapioSexual Articles and Essays

As a Member you can see these books in their raw manuscript form as we prepare them for publication.

Members receive Commenter status. This gives you an opportunity to be part of the project by offering a suggestion or correction. If your suggestion is accepted you can be listed in the credits of the book.

More importantly, you are able to play a role in shaping the content of these important projects of global impact.

Upcoming Books:

  1. We are making an illustrated ebook and print publication called EcoSensual Methods of Pleasurable Birth Control using content from our site EcoSensual.org.
  2. Hedo Feminista Sex Education Essays. As part of this website, we have written a number of articles that deal with sex and society. We cover a wide range of subjects from sex and the workplace to sex and religion. We look at problems in these areas and sex-positive ethical solutions.