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Hedo Feminista: Sex-Positive Feminism Projects

Using social entrepreneur business principles to 'solve' intractable sexual dysfunctions that affect so many societies in the world is a powerful way to practice sex positive feminism. It allows an Ecosex Entrepreneur the opportunity to make a living from creating the change that they want to see in the world!

At Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community, we worked on activist, ecofeminist or eco-sex entrepreneur projects. Sadly, Hedonisia was destroyed in May 2018 in the Kilauea volcano eruption. We moved our web operations and evolved into a micro-community in Portland where we continue to manage the Hedonisia Web Portfolio of which Hedo Feminista is a part:

Hedonisia Activist Education

  1. Activist Entrepreneur: How to create a business supporting political, social or environmental goals.
  2. HedoFeminista.comUsing sexuality to create ecofeminist companies that address social problems. Crowdfund for sex-positive ideas to help the world.

EcoFeminist Reproductive Rights

  1. Sex Positive Natural Birth Control Methods for Lovers
  2. Natural Reproductive rights for women anywhere in the world the world.

Hedonisia Entrepreneur Products & Services

  1. Tantric Ganja: A marijuana based aphrodisiac for female sexual empowerment and pleasure.
  2. World Art Erotica: A virtual museum of sensual art and literature from around the world.

Hedo Feminista Volunteers

EcoSex Entrepreneurs