20th Century Mojo: World Travel Photo & Sociology History

Mojo Mustapha: Activist Entrepreneur & Community Director

With a background in Sociology and Women's Studies and travels to 36 countries, Mojo has a lifetime of observing how sexual dysfunctions affect society and the world. Mojo was born a Muslim. He saw firsthand, the way Islam punishes women who dare to express their sexuality. Islam has harsh sanctions on a woman exploring her sexuality outside of marriage compared to men, who have much more freedom.

Mojo's travels and education gave him inspiration, ideas, and insight to make a difference in the world but also to have fun.

In 2004, he founded the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community. Combining his love for entrepreneurship with his idealism, he decided to base the community around eco-tourism and eco-feminism.

In May 2018, the Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed the Hedonisia community. 75% of the property is now covered in lava rock.

After the loss of his community, Mojo moved to Portland, OR. He continues to live there while managing the Rebirth Hedonisia Crowdfund to return and rebuild Hedonisia Hawaii.

Mojo at Hedonisia Hawaii before it was taken by the volcano

Mojo hosts discussion groups based on conversation guidelines developed at the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community. He was the Community Director from its founding in 2004 to its destruction in the Kilauea volcano eruption in 2018After the eruption, Mojo continued work on the various projects managed by the community.

One of the most exciting post-volcano projects is Intersecting Identity Play: Sex & Free Speech Conversation Workshop. He created this zoom group in response to the increasing division and difficulty between people of different genders, races and orientations when community with each other. 

The workshop is based on the Hedo Feminista Free Speech Conversation Guidelines to communicate in a fun and positive way between people of different groups and demographics without assigning blame or accusations.

Mojo is a member of Empowered Pleasure where he hosts these Discussion Workshops.

Mojo identifies as Queer, BIPOC, Ex-Muslim, Indian, immigrant. short, skinny, natural disaster refugee and Free Speech Liberal who loves politically incorrect humor and having fun with labels.

20th Century Mojo: Photo History of an Ex-Muslim Traveler

Throughout my life of traveling I have dealt with many politically incorrect, prejudiced and socially awkward situations in many cultures. In Japan, it was extremely difficult for me to get a job as an English teacher despite having a work visa. “Mojo-san. So sorry but you cannot teach English because you are Indo-jin, Indian. 

In Zimbabwe, I was called “little Indian man” wherever I went. In rural Switzerland, I was told by a very kindly lady whose daughter I was dating, “In Switzerland, we eat at the table but if you want to eat on the floor, that’s okay.”

If I had chosen to be offended in any of those situations, I would not have had many other experiences that ended up happening to me. I had a fantastic time living in Bulawayo with the Matabele people. I loved the older Swiss lady who had hardly ever known a foreigner in her little corner of Switzerland. 

With the Japanese experience, I had hair at the time so I got a perm to make me look more Italian than Indian. All the projects in the Hedonisia Activist & EcoFeminist Portfolio are based on a lifetime of immersive travel.

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