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Hedo Feminista offers sapiosexual resources for those who support gender equality and wish to discuss or work in the field of sexuality in ways that improve society or the environment. It is a collection of essays and articles that offer novel approaches for using sexuality to create ethical solutions to social problems and support gender equality.

It emphasizes empowerment rather than a victim-based approach to gender equality when dealing with issues such as education, sexuality, physical violence, and so on.

This is an educational site designed to provide ideas, inspiration, and fulfilling entrepreneurship and employment for people throughout the world.

i. Hedo Feminista Sex & Society Essays

Dysfunctional sexuality is a root cause of many of the problems in the world today. These essays take a politically incorrect look at society and sex. Members receive full access to Hedo Feminista Adult Education Articles. Trigger Warning: This is NOT a politically correct collection of essays. Many of the articles and discussion topics are exercises in free speech. They may have statements depicting cultural commentary using stereotypes, criticism, humor, and ignorance. 

ii. Sapiosexual Discussion Groups

Adam and Eve - SapioSexual Art Courtesy of WorldArtErotica.com

Adam, Eve & the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge - 19th century, Sweden

In most cultures, it is difficult to have open, honest conversations about human sexuality. 

Intelligent people want to talk about sex and society in a safe, friendly environment. This our goal; to encourage friendly conversation and debate about sex and society.

However, in these politically correct times, open discussion can be difficult. Even if you don't become a member, feel free to use the Hedo Feminista Conversation Guidelines for how to talk about sex and society in an open and frank way without being accused of some sort of prejudice.

Members learn to host their own Sex Discussion Group to earn a small income, make friends, and enjoy intellectual discussions about sex no matter where they live in the world.

iii. EcoSex Entrepreneur Ideas 

Royalty-free ideas for products or services that use sexuality to help resolve them! As a Member, you gain access to research on sex positivity and dysfunction in the world. Practical ideas for the budding EcoSex Entrepreneur or Sex WorkerIn times of high unemployment, working with sexuality in a positive way can be an enjoyable way to make a living.

iv. eBook Publications

We offer a unique opportunity for Members to read our ebooks while they are still Draft Manuscripts and give critiques or input.

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