Pleasurable Activism and Free Speech in a Diverse World

Hedo Feminista is a portfolio of essays, books, communication workshops, and social entrepreneur resources addressing issues related to sexuality, gender, race, culture and social identity politics.

Intersecting Identity Play - Sex and Free Speech Communication Workshops

Free Speech Communication Workshops

In many business, professional, social, friendly or intimate settings, when we communicate with people from different demographics, it can sometimes feel challenging. It is nice to have simple tools that support open, friendly conversation and discussion.

It is often through free and open discussions between people of different groups, where solutions to the many problems facing societies can be found. The Hedo Feminista approach emphasizes free speech and empowerment rather than a victim-based approach to equality when dealing with issues such as education, sexuality, economics and violence. 

i. Diversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops

We offer two kinds of workshops; one designed for G-rated workplaces and the other for sex-positive adults:

  1. Diversity & Communication Private Sessions. (for Individuals). Many individuals wish to learn communication tools that maximize free speech while respecting individual sensitivity. They may feel uncomfortable in a larger workshop because they have work or social situations involving race, gender and so on which they wish to discuss privately.
  2. Social Identity Play Communication Workshop. (for Adults in Diverse Social Settings). We offer entertaining discussion workshops supporting open conversations between members of different demographic groups. This group is ideal for individuals who wish to be able to enjoy communication in with diverse people and opinions in social or professional settings.

Our goal is to encourage friendly conversation and debate about about any subject between different groups while still maintaining respect for personal sensitivities. This is a useful skill to have in these divided times.

ii. Pleasurable Activism Publications

These books are being written with volunteer editors from around the world. Members receive full access to all books and articles. Members can also read our ebooks while they are still Draft Manuscripts and give live critiques or input. 

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